Bumpers " Cute bunnies"

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    Мягкие бортики


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Bumpers " Cute bunnies"

Gentle double-sided sides in the crib make the space inside very cozy. Behind the soft pillows, the baby feels calm and protected. The sides delicately frame the sleeping place, so that they allow a sufficient amount of light and air to pass through.

Included in the package:

1 sideboard on the end of the crib,
2 sides on the back bar.

The sides are attached to the crib with ribbons. Each element is autonomous, which means that it can be installed from any side. The pads are filled with hypoallergenic material that makes them soft. Outside, the sides are made of 100% cotton. A pleasant combination of shades allows you to place color accents in your baby's room. These bumpers are perfectly combined with bed linen from the same collection.

Place Bumpers " Cute bunnies" soft bumpers in your baby's crib!


Все характеристики модели
Bumpers and rollers
Material 100% cotton
Filler Hypoallergenic Holofiber
Production Hand made
Number 3 pieces
Position Double-sided
Commit On the ribbons over the side