Antistress pillow "Fox"

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    Декоративная подушка


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Antistress pillow "Fox"

The Fox pillow creates a special mood in the children's room. A cute forest dweller curled up in a ball and sweetly sleeps on your baby's crib.

The pad is made of 100% polyester. This material has strong wear-resistant qualities, which makes the pad durable. The filler is polystyrene in small balls. They provide an anti-stress effect. The size of the pad is 26×17×8 cm.

This Chanterelle allows you to calm the baby and turns going to bed into an interesting game.

Fill the children's room with a great mood by adding a baby Fox pillow to the baby's crib!


Все характеристики модели
Decorative pillows
Material Polyester
Filler Anti-stress balls
Size (L x W x H) 26 х 17 х 8 cm