Dreamer's House Nature

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    Main characteristics:

  • Manufacturer:
  • Model:
    Детская кроватка
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) :
    168 x 88 x 175 sm
  • Crib weight :
    90 kg
  • The color of the coating :
    Wood color
  • The production time :
    7-14 working days

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Make your nursery a source of inspiration

Baby cot "Dreamer's House" Nature

Crib The Dreamer's House is a magical place where comfort and harmony reign. Everything is beautiful in it: a large window, a closed roof with a frame, and a decorated headboard. Such a personal and warm place will appeal to even the smallest dreamers. The size of the mattress 160x80 cm makes the bed optimal for children from 1 year old. The theme house awakens the imagination and also helps the child get used to sleeping alone. If necessary, you can create another sleeping place or organize a storage space for things and toys, complementing the kit with a pull-out section. The designer bed fits perfectly into any room, since its height is only 175 cm. And decorative elements and windows can be painted in the shade you need. This will allow mom and dad to harmoniously organize the space in the nursery. Make your home cozy and comfortable for your baby with the Dreamer's House by BookWood!

Dimensions of the crib-house:
  • Overall dimensions of the structure: 168 x 88 cm;
  • Overall height: 175 cm;
  • Height from floor to base of lower tier: 35 cm;
  • Bed size: 160 x 80 cm;
  • Recommended mattress size: 157 x 77 cm;
  • Drawer size: 155 x 80 cm

Basic complectation

Practicality and unique design

Thanks to modern methods of production technology, we made sure that the bed in the basic configuration is as convenient as possible for you to use, because we have already provided for the most necessary.

  • Stable, reliable single-tier construction;
  • Frame material - solid Karelian pine
  • Facing elements - high density MDF;
  • High quality enamel - white, semi-matt. Suitable for children 0+;
  • One bed measuring 160 x 80 cm.
  • The bottom under the mattress for a berth is slatted (lamellas).
  • Decorative removable panel. Installed under the berth.

Hardware & Warranty

  • Set of fasteners for assembling the bed;
  • Bed assembly instructions;
  • Warranty card: 24 months.


Все характеристики модели
Main characteristics house-bed
Dimensions (LxWxH) 168 x 88 x 175 sm
Crib weight 90 kg
The color of the coating Wood color
The production time 7-14 working days
House-bed specifications
Country of Origin Russia
The service life of the crib 20-30 years
Number of windows 2 windows
Number of berths 1-2 berths
Game Zone No
Bed height 175 sm
Crib width 88 sm
Berth size 160 x 80 sm
Recommended mattress size 157х77 sm
Number of assemblies / disassembly up to 5
Recommended age 0+
Guarantee 10 years