Protective door of the staircase-chest of drawers

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Protective door of the stairs-chest of drawers Protective door of the stairs-chest of drawers
The protective door of the staircase-chest of drawers is the best solution for organizing security in the nursery. It perfectly complements the two-story crib and makes the space for sleeping and playing on the upper tier comfortable and safe. You can be calm, the baby will not climb to the upper tier of the crib without your attention, if the door is closed. The lock is made in the middle of the door, which means that small handles will not be able to get to it. The end of the ladder is also closed with additional linings on the railing. You can rest easy - security is under control.

The door is ideal for children up to 4-4.5 years old. When the door is no longer necessary - you can simply remove it - no problem!

Complete the crib with a safety door for a ladder-chest of drawers!


Все характеристики модели
Wooden furniture
Size (W x D x H) 33 х 1,8 х 85 cm
Material Wooden
Functionality Safety
Position It is installed on a ladder-chest of drawers for protection
For a crib-house "Dream House" and" Dream House " attic