Flashlights " Dessert"

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    Хлопковые фонарики

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Flashlights " Dessert"

Cotton lanterns " Dessert" charming garlands made of soft cotton. They create a special atmosphere in the children's room and make the crib fabulous. Colorful lights soothe the baby and help him fall asleep. The garland is absolutely safe for children, because inside each ball there is an LED that does not heat up. The balls perfectly retain their shape, if one of them is crumpled, then it can be easily straightened.

The line includes:

Garland of 20 balls with battery power (total length 3.3 m)
Garland 36 balls powered by mains (length 5.2 m, wire 1.5 m, total length 6.7 m)
Garland 50 balls powered by mains (total length 8.4 m)

Flashlights are intended for indoor use only!

Create a fabulous atmosphere in the children's room with the help of Thai lanterns!

We deliver the decor for the children's room all over Russia, to any point of your city.

If you order the decor together with the crib, it will be delivered together with it from our warehouse.

If you order separately, the shipment will be carried out by transport companies.

We cooperate with the transport companies DPD, Baikal Service and Global Delivery, which allow you to deliver in the optimal time and at an affordable cost for you.

Dimensions and parameters


Cotton lanterns
Made Handmade work
Material of flashlights Cotton
Size of balls 6 - 6.3 cm
Number of balls 20 pcs, 36 pcs or 50 pcs
Type of power supply Battery or mains power