Kids Moon Mattress

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    Детский матрас

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Kids Moon Mattress

Kids Moon mattress with natural coconut and latex is optimal for a child from 3 years old. Inside this model, there are blocks of independent springs that provide shock absorption. Two functional sides create maximum comfort.

The medium-soft side with a thin layer of latex gently supports the child's back. A moderate-hard one with coconut coir unloads the spine and relaxes the muscles. Cotton jacquard, from which the mattress is made, provides breathability. At any time, the mattress can be turned over.

The Kids Moon 15 cm high model fits perfectly into our crib-houses and makes your baby's dreams pleasant and sweet.

Delivery takes place in a vacuum package, which must be removed and left to lie on the mattress for 8 hours. During this time, the mattress is straightened, saturated with air and ready for use.

Make your baby's sleep comfortable and pleasant!


Все характеристики модели
Type of mattress Independent springs
Double-sided Yes
Rigidity Sides: A-medium; B - moderately hard
Mattress cover Knitwear Softech
The height of the mattress 15 cm
Mattress size For the length of the crib 160 cm
Maximum weight 100 kg
The warranty on the mattress 10 years
The life of the mattress 7-10 years