Ladder-chest of drawers

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Ladder-chest of drawers
The ladder-chest of drawers is the best solution for the nursery. It perfectly complements any two-story crib and makes the space for sleeping and playing comfortable and safe. A kid from the age of 1.5 years easily climbs large steps. The ladder is placed close to the crib, and the comfortable railing allows the child to hold on to them during the ascent. The railing can be made of two types of solid wood - beech and pine.

We know how much you value convenience, comfort and functionality, so each step of the stairs is a spacious locker for storing toys and children's things. The boxes are located on rails with closers. This original chest of drawers can be installed on either side of the crib, as its design provides a universal display

Complete the interior of the room and any house with a ladder-chest of drawers!


Все характеристики модели
Wooden furniture
Size (W x D x H) 91 x 42 x 164 cm
Bed height 164 cm
Material Wooden
Number of drawers 4 drawers
Position Installed on the side of the crib
Functionality Safety / Storage / Comfort
Maximum load 120 kg
For a crib-house For any bunk bed