Hanging ladder

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Hanging ladder

The standard hinged ladder is designed specifically for cots-houses. It is securely attached to the second tier with rounded metal hooks. They are installed in the grooves, making the ladder even more stable. Our ladder has a great advantage - if you have a small baby in the house, then, leaving the room, you can easily remove it, and do not worry that without your supervision he will climb up.

Each step is 7.5 cm wide. This optimal size allows you to securely fix your baby's foot, ensuring comfortable use.

The weight of the ladder is 15-20 kg (depending on the tree of execution), which gives it even more monumentality, and you peace of mind, since the child will independently climb up and down it without the ability to move it.

Let your baby's dreams be sweet and games be fun!


Все характеристики модели
Wooden furniture
Size (W x D x H) 40 х 7,5 х 140 cm
Position On the side or front and side
Functionality For the upper tier
Maximum load 120 kg
Commit On the rounded hooks
For a crib-house For any bunk bed