About company

BukWood children's furniture factory was founded in 2012.

We are here for everyone who believes in magic around us and wants to make this world a little kinder and happier with the help of our cottage beds and loft beds.

The recognizable design and functionality of our models was developed by our designers and technical specialists from idea to implementation, right down to the location of each fastener element.

More than 7000 parents have preferred BukWood. Thanks to your feedback, we have the opportunity and motivation to move, develop and improve.

Beds-houses from BukWood help make childhood harmonious, fabulous and happy, developing creativity and independence. We think that children's smiles and joy are our main achievement.

We are proud of our company and love what we do. We are happy to be able to create new things and bring it to society, while increasing jobs, learning and moving forward.