Blanket " Soft dreams"

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Blanket " Soft dreams"

The voluminous blanket made of natural merino wool is soft and warm, like a mother's embrace. A large and fluffy bedspread complements both the children's room and the living room. The designer plaid is made by hand with love in each loop.

Merino wool, from which it is bound, is distinguished by its softness, hypoallergenic, and also has healing properties. Under a beautiful blanket, a special microclimate is created. Both the baby and the adult feel comfortable and cozy under a soft fluffy blanket.

Create a special atmosphere in your home with a bright voluminous blanket!

Dimensions and parameters


Bumpers and rollers
Material 100% merino wool
Blankets and bedspreads
Blanket size 180 х 120 cm
Made Hand made