Sleep cushion "Unicorn Marshmallow"

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Sleep cushion "Unicorn Marshmallow"

The original sleeping cushion with a unicorn face is perfect for your baby's crib. The soft pink Marshmallow is ready to make friends and accompany the baby day and night. The smiling beauty has a soft horn, plush ears and different sides.

The roller is made of hypoallergenic materials: cotton and holofiber. The combination of fabric and filler allows you to wash the roller in the machine.

The baby is happy to cuddle with a Marshmallow, throws its arms and legs on it in a dream. Such a good friend calms and amuses the baby, and also protects at night.

Give your baby a comfortable and cute pillow for sleeping "Unicorn Marshmallow"!

Dimensions and parameters


Bumpers and rollers
Material 100% cotton
Filler Hypoallergenic Holofiber
Production Hand made
Roller length 200 cm