Warranty obligations


The BukWood bed should delight you and bring vivid emotions for many years. It is important for us that when using the crib, you get those indescribable emotions of childish delight that allow us to remember how wonderful life is.

We stay with you and take care of our creation throughout the entire time of using the crib. The guarantee for the cribs under the contract is 2 years, but if necessary, we will always come to the rescue, because each crib for us is our little tadpole, which we cannot leave in trouble, never :)

Warranty situation

  • the transport company did not monitor the safety of the most valuable cargo;
  • at the factory, the technologist did not track or overlook minor inaccuracies in the production technology;
  • just the stars got lost in the galaxy, flew to Sirius and converged for some reason in another dimension :))

No matter how hard we try to work perfectly and check everything at each stage in each order individually, still, extremely rarely, an error may occur. But be sure that your manager will promptly make every effort to resolve the non-standard situation that has arisen.

In the event of a shipping or manufacturing defect, you don't have to worry because we are guaranteed to solve and fix it. More precisely, if an incomplete order or serious defects are found that interfere with the operation of the crib, caused by a violation of production technology, we will send you damaged or missing parts at the expense of the factory as soon as possible.

How do I get warranty service?

Just send a request to us by mail , we will immediately come to your aid. Your request should include:

  • your contract number so that we can identify your crib;
  • detailed description of a non-standard situation;
  • a photograph of the defect, or better a video, so that the damaged element is clearly visible in the general plan and we understand what kind of detail it is, as well as the defect itself close up.

The warranty is not:

  • defects that arose as a result of violations of the rules of assembly and operation;
  • defects arising from self-made or third-party repair or interference with the structure;
  • slight differences in shades of colors of the surface of the crib (it is made of solid natural wood, not plastic materials);
  • a slight difference in the design of additional elements of the crib, such as a birdhouse, shelf, flower box;

Warranty service is carried out subject to the rules of operation during the entire life of the crib. The warranty period for the crib is calculated from the day the goods are handed over to the buyer, that is, the day of delivery (the date indicated on the invoice).

For any questions call us 8 (800) 350-65-40 , and we will solve your situation!