Mattress Pad Winter-Summer

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    Защитный чехол

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Mattress pad " Winter-Summer»

A mattress pad with an elastic band "Winter-Summer" is a double - sided protective cover. One side is made of merino wool and the other is made of 100% cotton. This allows you to use it at different times of the year.

The color of the fabric can be white or beige as you wish. The height of the mattress pad is 0.5 cm. It fits perfectly to the surface and is fixed at the edges with 4 elastic bands.

It is perfectly suitable for washing in the machine, and after it does not require ironing.

Make your child's mattress pleasant and comfortable with the help of a mattress pad with an elastic band!

Mattress pads

We deliver mattress pads all over Russia, to any point of your city.

If you order the mattress pads together with the crib, they will be delivered together with it from our warehouse.

If you order the protective covers separately, the shipment will be carried out by transport companies.

We cooperate with the transport companies DPD, Baikal Service and Global Delivery that allow you to deliver mattresses in the optimal time and at an affordable cost for you.

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Все характеристики модели
Mattress pads
Protection from water No
The size of the mattress 80 x 177 cm
Fabric composition Sides: Summer-cotton, Winter-merino wool
Color of the mattress pad White
Guarantee 12 months

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